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Whether you're just starting out in your boxing and fitness journey or an experienced boxer looking for the next level, STC is for you. Family run by Brad and Kimbo Sorabella, STC has incredible classes of all kinds and even more incredible coaching. This is a real deal boxing gym with the sole goal of making you a better you - whatever that means for you! Sign up on their website today for your first class! 



Too Pretty? Never! 10/10 recommend Too Pretty Brand for their sassy apparel, excellent boxing gloves and wraps, and badass vibe. I've been rocking Too Pretty Brand gloves for years and can't rave about them enough. Make sure you get at least 14 oz gloves if you're planning to spar (you know you wanna, just once)! They come with a strong community of women athletes of all kids. 



Kate Sweeney, MS, RDN, LDN, is a registered dietitian nutritionist with 10 years of experience. Kate became passionate about nutrition after she was a collegiate swim coach and responsible for the well-being of student athletes, as well as personally competing internationally in triathlons, and made the connection between nutrition and performance. Kate worked for 3 years as a senior clinical outpatient dietitian at Brigham and Women's Hospital and was the Administrative Dietitian at Boston College for 6 years. At BC, she counseled students on a variety of topics, worked on eating disorder prevention efforts, and created hundreds of recipes for Dining Services. Kate's areas of expertise are in eating disorders and disordered eating, sports nutrition, women's health, and gastrointestinal concerns. She provides evidence-based, holistic medical nutrition therapy that is Healthy At Every Size and Intuitive Eating aligned. Kate is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. Kate believes that healing happens not just when clients meet their nutritional needs, but also when they are able to appreciate and take part in the other aspects of food that can be healing- relationships, culture, tradition, reaching performance goals, and more. Kate splits her time between Massachusetts and Germany, and loves to cook, play with her daughter, and swim. To learn more, you can visit her website: or contact her directly via email ( or phone (508 560-1550).



Kimbo established her reputation as an empowering role model through her music and indomitable presence, working tirelessly to create what has become a profound musical repertoire with a focus on (H)ealing and self-empowerment. A veteran in the music community, from Oregon to Boston to Canada to Hawaii, she is always reaching for innovative ways to create and inspire.

Kimbo is the owner and boxing/fitness coach at STC Boxing & Fitness. Having been a competitive athlete herself and a certified USA Boxing Instructor, she puts theory into practice when specializing in lifestyle change, energy renewal and nutritional education for athletes.

Outside of Whole Rose Nutrition and STC, you can find Kimbo laughing with her husband and baby girl, walking their dog Poppy, hiking, and reading.

Kimbo graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Health Coaching, New York City (INHC) and has over 20 years’ experience changing people’s lives through fitness, music, and nutrition.



"MOVE! principles are based on 7 years of Cathy Utzschneider's doctoral research on 100 national- and world-class athletes. ​Since 1992, MOVE! has helped people achieve physical goals with life balance."

I personally use the MOVE! method and can't speak higher about its success. Whether you have athletic, professional, or life goals you are looking to pursue - MOVE! is the way to do it. 


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